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Becoming antisocial

I was just reading this and well it’s something I’ve found, I’ve been hooked on social media for years, more precisely Facebook

but recently with the boy often complaining I come home and stick my head in my phone and ignore the people I’m actually around me

and well I do almost constantly, sorry darling it’s not just you

yes I am hanging out for the next Like or comment on my latest status, yes it is like a drug, it makes me feel good and I want more

I decided to delete the app from my phone,

really the effort required to log in on the mobile website just isn’t worth it

after a week,I discovered something, while I still share tidbits of my day on Instagram and Twitter, neither take up as much of my time as Facebook, Twitter is awkward for long conversation though improving and 144 characters limits the content nicely (life’s too short to be wordy) to the facts, Instagram, well a picture says a thousand words but still people only post a couple of times per day or week once or twice a day probably sees everything new

now back to Facebook, I find myself logging on on occasion reading a little but really having nothing to say, like something here, comment there but really nothing phenomenal to share, the amount of content to trawl through just to grab the specks of gold or in some cases #comedygold deadens the experience perhaps my friends list is too large? perhaps I’m just finding interest in different things? perhaps if friended the wrong types of people, who don’t share my interests even if they are family in some cases
I don’t intend on changing anything for the moment it’s nice to glance over what people are doing but constant contact isn’t for me anymore


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