Brain Dumps


ever have one of those days when everyone needs to just SHUT UP! shhhh, be quite.

at the moment I seem to be surrounded by people incapable of giving one word answers

(insert yes or no question here)
response: well this goes like that and this person sees this and the moon is free, like where the elephants turn pink from the trunk down …….

seriously question = yes or no I do t want a discussion I want a direct answer ……. and then there’s the question side of the discussion

why do you think the moon is green?
me: dunno
quizzer: come on, maybe it is yellow and there a blue cloud in front of it
me: yeah maybe
my brain: make it shut up I don’t care who it is just SHUT up I need to not think

last night I found my happy, curled on the boys lap while he watched a doco on Metallica in almost total quiet…. just shhhh no response required we don’t want to disturb the show


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