quilty stuff

A stitch in time

several months ago mum contacted me, should you like to go to this


Dad’s shout

sure why not I replied, a weekend was chosen and bookings made
so Saturday morning bright and early we set off to the airport, my first ever ride on a domestic plane
the hour flight certainly beats the 19hr drive just to get to the border but I missed the stop and look at various little towns along the way


a quick bus trip and a bit of a walk to our hotel, unpack, what now?


we took ourselves for a walk around town, eventually finding where all the people went, coming from a city that is almost always busy in almost all of the places it was strange to walk through a city of deserted streets and closed businesses…… apparently in Brisbane, Queen street is where it’s at, at least when it came to places close to our hotel IMG_4687IMG_4688

we wandered to the big wheel on the other side of the river, found QAG/GOMA ready for the next day went for a ride on the wheel, for the price I was quite impressed with the amount of time we got and the amount of information provided, spotted a display in the performing arts centre about ballet costumes and decided to go back and look after the quilt exhibitIMG_4679

we walked so much this weekend, being somewhat in the middle of the city we were close enough for everything, I was keen to sign up for the City cycle bicycles so we weren’t walking so much, mum was less keen


Sunday was the day we decided to go to the exhibit, it wasn’t as big as we’d planned for but was well worth seeing some amazing works, mum was surprised that quite a few had points that didn’t meet or weren’t quite straight, one had a border of striped fabric made in two parts and the stripes weren’t matched, which fits perfectly with my philosophy around making quilts the effort and thought counts, if it’s not going into a show no one will notice that slightly crooked border or un-matching points

here’s a link for the videos talking about some of the quilts


the ballet display was closed as it only opens Tuesday to Saturday we went for a trip on the ferry found lunch and caught the return trip,

we spent the evening wandering about the city looking at the lit up buildings


I found it amusing, considering the interstate rivalry that Brisbane was named after an governor of NSW and that there was an old branch or bank of NSW in town, gotta love those doorwaysIMG_4700

Monday saw a quick breakfast before catching a train back to the airport, the plane back didn’t have the app compatibility I have decided backpack style luggage is much easier to deal with when it comes to stairs and public transport than suitcases with wheels


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