so that whole 30?
lasted 11days, long story short Shit happened, wine, chocolate pretzels a doona+pillow nest and a movie went into keeping it contained
I do intend to continue with a few things I’ve picked up this time round

blood test came back, low iron stores, recommended diet to remedy this includes “avoid excessive caffeine”

guess what!

when I go full paleo, ie: no dairy.
I don’t drink coffee, because I don’t like it without milk or with alternative milk, so I just go without, ultimate lightbulb moment

also on having a coffee a few days ago, I discovered that whilst my brain constantly demands the stuff, with milk, I kinda don’t like milk in it anymore either 😳

Interesting Iron store increasing tip #2 “Limit milk consumption to 500ml”
lucky I’m no longer a big fan of the stuff then 😀

so despite a few hiccups along the way, glasses of wine with dinner, a whole bottle between us while watching TV because I wanted it the odd bit of chocolate , I still intend on staying away from grains and dairy as much as reasonably possible. even if it just gives me a way of staying away from all of the junk which in turn results in clears skin feeling healthier and less tired


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