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whole 30

I finally went and got that blood test I’ve been meaning to get, to see  if I have allergy/intolerance to wheat (personally I’m not thinking celiac just some sort of intolerance)

So I decided last Monday to start a whole 30, AKA another month long torture session for the boy

So far so good, being on night shift made it a harder start, but also easier, I ate as required and went to work, where I endured the mother of all headaches until driving home almost alseep and sleeping until it was time to get ready to go the end of the week and the weekend has been harder…..

Coffee cravings have been eating me,

then the boy has a beer, I want beer

I watch a Vid about Ice Cream, I want ice Cream

dinner tonight involved hot buttered toasted white bread……. OMG I think I’ll explode

that said I haven’t been 100% true,

I wanted beer, i chose to have a sip, craving solved problem went away

tonight there was half a pack of Salt and pepper squid remaining, I wanted quick dinner, I chose to eat it

I want to go and graze on all the forbidden foods, but why?  because I’ve started the rot

most of my reason for starting the whole 30 is to get back to something resembling Paleo, never mind this weekends discrepancies, Stuff happens, Life goes on, though I think the first thing I’m going to re-introduce into my Diet after the 30 days is white coffee made with Dairy milk…… I have discovered proper espresso is drinkable black, but instant is soooo not

though I don’t feel I need dairy for anything more than the flavouring of coffee,

I am looking forward to feeling better within , I can feel my brain de-fogging day by day, this is what I’m looking for


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