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10 week challenge week 9

1 week to go and finally I lost a kilo or so ….meh
the Gym tape measure went missing so no measurements
all my pants are fitting great
I still doubt I fit all size 16s out there but well should fit most

I finally got around to asking about the trainers latest package looks like a good deal, three sessions one assessment, one training and a follow up session
so I’ll be getting onto that as soon as the challenge is over

to say I’m now a little over it is probably a good statement, I wish to aim for new goals and make new achievements this one is boring now

my new goals, look something like,
be able to Run 5k in around 30 mins
take on a Spartan series
be able to perform 2 chin ups and 5 real push ups
enter another tough bloke and improve on my last time…. and actually cross hells gate without cramping up

after a year or so of entering any and every mud run/obstacle race around, I have decided I really only want to do the timed event, which are becoming few and far between but whats the point if you have nothing to improve upon


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