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What is an iPhone without internet?

Personally I’m calling it useless, it’s not like I’m just without social media it’s the email and the iMessages and well my phone company in their infinite wisdom blocked EVERYTHING because I went a little over my data cap …. like only 1000MB…. I shudder to think what effect it’ll have on my bank account

now I could stand up and accept the fault if this Squarely on my own two shoulders…. but remember that 10 week challenge? yeah they’re a bit sore, so the story goes something like this ……

one quiet night on a certain Social networking service, someone casually mentioned Craftsy was having a Sale on their classes or some such thing now to me craftsy was always a place to find a little inspiration, almost a social network of it’s own….. a Forum I suppose you would call it. well apparently things have changed A LOT

anyway fast forward several months and I find myself twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do with myself, lets checkout these classes, within the hour I’m learning how to piece quilt backs

a week later another sale, a few more classes join the list…… and there’s where it all falls apart Video chews Megabytes Like serious megabytes …. sigh

ah well lesson learned now to catch up on the days events and continue learning how to alter my clothing or some such thing while I continue working on my Vertical stripe blanket and consider all of the things I should be finishing


2 thoughts on “What is an iPhone without internet?

    1. true, I could actually re activate calls and SMS now but I’m kind hoping I won’t get slugged $$$ if I don’t and they’ll level it all out I’ve only used 10% of my call cap

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