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it was a fantastic idea, camping just the three of us just for one night only about 10 minutes from home

Site booked

tent packed

grab a box of goodies ( plates cups bowls, longlife milk etc)

grab something for dinner and something for breaky out of the fridge

pack the air bed and sleeping bags, and off we go

found the site easy enough, pitch the tent, start the fire……

I brought my crochet but couldn’t find the hook

go to cook dinner, brought cooking utensils but not eating utensils

roo burgers for dinner still frozen attempts to separate them using an plastic spatula fail

insert tears and tantrums

throw mangled roo burgers between bread Lament not bringing scotch

decide I’m cold so it’s time for bed

find ourselves sliding down a slope you could barely see

wake up, share up and go for breakfast

no milk because we made milo before bed

lukewarm tea with milk floaties because we didn’t wash the pot after heating the milk

insert another tantrum

pack up go home


I remember now, I don’t so much like camping, definitely more the unpowered site at a caravan park kinda girl


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