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10 week challenge week 8

so only 2 weeks to go, I don’t know that I actually have lost any weight by the Gym Scales, by mine I’ve lost 4kg

what I do know is that I’ve lost a few centimetres from my waist and hips, not so much from my arms

this week practically nothing changed Sad smile

the gym now has 5 trainers to chose from, I’m undecided as to wether I’ll go with one after the challenge, wether it be the one I’m currently working with or the girly he has teamed up with to run classes and packages with, or the bright perky girly who randomly started chatting with me while I was stretching one day

ah well I suppose I’ll work it out

for the moment Cardio is good for the time setting but I feel I work harder with weights and so burn more KJs though I’m lead to believe 300cals on the AMT in 30 mins is quite good, also been trying out the computerised spin bikes, they give you an individual spin class which is quite fun, almost like actually getting out and riding but you don’t have to allow time to get back home


Just jeans – fit

uncomfy pants – room to move

comfy pants- don’t forget a belt (one pair got a little too holey so got replaced with the next size down *yay*)


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