10 week challenge–back at it–Week 6

so after a week away from the gym I’m back at it, haven’t had an appointment with the trainer yet so no measurements…. but those jeans I keep saying Forgettaboutit? yeah I’m wearing them, yes they are firm but comfortable enough

todays Weigh and measure saw everything down, and a small circuit which almost killed me, I was a little sad to have the trainer tell me there wasn’t a program for the next 4 weeks, but to hit the Cardio machines and challenge myself on various programs but I’m glad to not have those step ups to do 3 days week, I fear there may be a Loss of Motivation here i guess though I entered this to get back into the gym, perhaps if I push myself enough over the next couple of weeks, I’ll see some more results

so far

Scales read between 94 and 92(thinking at home scales have a flat battery)
    waist, hips, arms legs alll down 1 cm
    comfy pants need a belt (haven’t worn in 2 weeks)
    uncomfy pants (haven’t worn in 2 weeks)
    size 16 just jeans…They Fit! could fit a little less firmly


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