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Activities with the small

so the last couple of days we went to two Holiday activities, one at the Regional Museum where we made a book for hiding things in

then today at the Regional Art Gallery where we made our own knitting needles and learned how to knit


ok so I already knew how to knit but sitting down to teach the small was beyond me,but some lovely ladies from the local knitting guild came to the rescue and showed her how to cast on and knit a row then she climbed on my lap and we managed some four handed knitting reciting the poem as we went

through the front door
run round the back
peep through the window
and off jumps Jack

I can see a small demanding person waking me in the morning to help her knit, she can’t quite manage to wrap/throw the yarn while holding her needles, at least our practice sessions will be small as she only manages two rows of 20 stitches before boredom sets in and she bounces off somewhere

while we were there one of the knitters was showing us her new knitting style known a Scrumbling I was rather impressed
this lady did a workshop in Ireland which gives a great description, I suspect I’ve found a way to use all of my left over bits of yarn


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