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School Holidays

I’ve finally managed to enjoy school holidays, the local community services is running 3 days of “vacation care” each day has a different theme, but the biggest bonuses are the Child is happy and not pushing buttons all day and she comes home exhausted happy to play quietly, be home , go to bed, behave

Being on annual leave I’ve enjoyed making her lunch and dropping her off, it occurred to me the other day that I actually don’t know what time she starts school and therefore really can’t plan to drop her off, I imagine school starts at the same time as most schools but the only primary school I went to had around 900 kids and spent at least 15 minutes on assembly before actually going to class, and well with between 5 an 10 kids in the school such assemblies would be rather pointless

anyway, I’ve been playing with sets I got from Neat 2 Eat as I always intended when buying the sets, My Visit to Miss Doves house showed me how easy it can be to make a fun shaped lunch with no more effort than making the sandwich and cutting it

this week, I’ve experimented with the Lunch punch sandwich cutters we have these ones i did a flower garden sandwich but cut the outer shape on an angle to fit it in the box better with her morning tea and yesterday I did the crown Not sure I like that they don’t cut the sandwich in half or quarters as such just the crusts off and a fun shape, but she seems to like them

today is teddy bears picnic day so I pulled out the sandwich stamps which i think came in a special Easter deal anyway flower shaped sandwiches with teddy bear faces stamped into them, and since we were out of stringers (someone has a soft spot for swiss cheese flavoured stringers*avoids eye contact*) I figured teddy bear shaped cheese would be a go….. I used one of these also from that easter deal to cut a slice of cheese……… the face didn’t really work, I think I’d have been better using some nori sheet for it but oh well, stuck it in a teddy bear shaped silicon cup added a slice of the boys banana cake ( he’s good at banana cake) and and oat bar and called it lunch

the next two days are filled with activities at the “local” Museum and the “local” Art gallery, Kinda looking forward to those as we’ll be going together fora change, hopefully we’ll end up with a hidden object book and knitting lessons

I’m Loving having time to do this, it sometimes makes me consider leaving work and becoming domestic, but reality is i need work probably more than they need me and if I left the job I’d Leave the trade and well, I just couldn’t do that


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