Monkey bars

So eventually I dragged myself  the princess out for a walk with promises of ice-cream.

She dressed in her prettiest dress and her “going out shoes” for the occasion

we wandered through shops, she convinced me to buy her a ring from what was my favourite shop as a teen and still has a special place in my heart one of those touristy places full of knick knacks and and surf wear mixed with a few alternative clothing ranges

on our return from ice cream I agreed we could stop at the park because at last the child wishes to be outside

sitting on the child-size table and chairs which has been a little vandalized reading through a few tour brochures my eye caught a small girl negotiating a set of these

Monkey bars
My nemesis

not just monkey bars but curvy monkey bars, not only did she move along them like it was perfectly natural but when she reached the end she turned around and went back the other way :-O seriously envious of the skill of this small one, I have never ever been able to make a single pass on straight monkey bars let alone curved ones, and so my resolve to develop the strength to be able to complete monkey bars returns, once this 10 week challenge is over my training may see more grip and shoulder strength exercises with again an aim of 5 push ups and 5 chin ups as a start


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