crafty stuff

What I’ve been working on

so I got started on that hand-me-down WIP seriously who designs a child’s room decor piece and makes it in white??? anyway I have created an unstuffed baby bear


I really don’t like working with white, mostly because it takes well over a week to clear the grey tinge from my hands, no matter how much i scrub its always there until i take a week or more off this means that anything white that I handle a lot ends up with grey stains on it


I also finally got Muno monster’s body completed and started his feet,, which are a little confusing to work on but well circles that start as straight lines are like that


as I mentioned in an earlier post I received my package for my 2013 FQS BOM I’m hoping to work on it this afternoon and work on the finishing kit during this week I think this one is in slightly more traditional colours than the last which I was attracted to by it’s brightness

IMG_4440      IMG_4441


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