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Thermos Porridge

Oats have become my new staple breakfast, too easy to make, but sometimes a little time consuming, and considering we don’t have a Microwave, for a variety of reasons and standing at a stove stirring for 10-15 at 3am really doesn’t appeal so I did a little Pintrest Search for Breakfast in a in a jar revealed that it is possible to make porridge/oatmeal in a jar, though most suggest overnight soaking and microwaving, i did find one that suggested pouring hot milk into a thermos of oats may work


I have finally perfected it

first I need my thermos food JarIMG_4419 a small Milk panIMG_4418 some milkIMG_4421 

and most importantly Rolled OatsIMG_4420

I use the thermos lid as a measure though I need to reduce this as I’m meant to be using 1/3 cup of oats, into the thermosIMG_4423IMG_4424IMG_4425

pour 150-200ml of milk into the pan and stick it on the stove on high to medium depending on how long you like to shower


Go take a shower, by the time you get back, 10 mins or so the milk should be just starting to simmer  Quickly pour into the thermos and screw the lid on tight, IMG_4428make sure the stove is off, throw the thermos in you bag and hit the road

an hour or so later open the thermos, slice some banana in stir well and enjoy smooth creamy oats, a good hot breakfast for cold train rides or just cold days in generalIMG_4415

I have found the longer it sits the better, since I’ve started going to the gym before work it sits for almost 2 hours before being consumed, any less than around 45 mins isn’t going to cut it for me anyway


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