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10 Week challenge-training

sometimes I feel I’m not pushing myself enough, despite Thursday night walking out of the gym all quivery from an upper body strength session and dripping with sweat and blowing during cardio sessions I no longer get muscle soreness from lower body strength day, just sore knees which in itself leaves me hesitant to push more weight and well physically at the moment I’m as high as I can go and still complete sets with a really physical struggle to complete the last one, the trainer sees me around the gym, doing stuff, he says he sees that I am pushing myself but really I feel like I’m slacking off and need to work harder how much harder can I work if I’m already struggling to perform the movements, I considered this week putting my weight up on the shoulder press until I watched myself do it in the mirror and well, has much as my injured shoulder is improving it’s not great and by the last set the exercise almost becomes a push press on pull downs my forearms cramp up to a point I need to stop and stretch out

I suppose I’m just disappointed that I’m not seeing the progress that I would like

and then there’s the Diet, my diet basically required the removal of fast food stops and could still do with removal of caffeine and portion size reduction so why does the scale stay the same, I’m fully aware of the muscle = heavy thing but reality I should be losing something my home scale says I’ve lost 3kgs but the gym in the afternoon may be different, I have been considering a number of things in the last week or two including switching to a meal replacement or doing a Whole 30 but I still find myself sticking with the same old thing that I know purely through uncertainty and convenience

We’ll see how my week of nightshift=barely eating, winds up in a few hours


2 thoughts on “10 Week challenge-training

  1. I hate scales. Measurements and the fit of my clothes always gives a better, less soul destroying result. I also struggle with portion sizes and am slowly learning the difference between being hungry and not being stuffed full. I’ve discovered you can be not hungry without feeling like your about to burst. Keep going Bee, you’re not alone.

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