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In the Works

So I Finally finished the Fat quarter shop BOM putting the last border on at around 1:30 this morning

IMG_4434first border

Second BorderIMG_4436

IMG_4439Quilt top complete awaiting decisions on quilting

Lets talk about my other works in progress




Dear Jane


so far I have 22 completed blocks, at least one cut out awaiting sewing and around 10 printed awaiting cutting, this is and always has been considered a very long term project, possibly finished during my retirement at this rate, every year or so I aim to complete a block a day or 7 blocks a week or even 1 block a week….. it never goes well




So far 5 blocks of 9 complete, and 3 sets of Fat quarters picked for the future, these blocks are large 24” but don’t come together very quickly what with all of those triangles, I cant wait to finish this one


Hand Stitched


This is a slow project, started during the online hand stitched course run by the Lovely Rachel over at stitched in color as you can see it’s a bit patchy, doing this course was one of those moments I wished I was a Domestic Goddess housewife as with work and everything I lacked time to be able to complete each weeks section, i would however totally recommend the course to those that are interested if you get the chance, its a load of fun even just to follow along, I got the Premium with the PDF Version as I knew I’d struggle to keep up, there are some great versions of this quilt over on Flickr


12, 12” Blocks


Have you ever started a quilt by accident? Probably not, I found a site one night that showed various traditional blocks, so I Dragged out some Fat Quarters and started making, I cant remember what the site was anymore but I have decided 12 blocks is probably enough, I am considering sashing them at 6” perhaps in navy blue or grey, I prefer to avoid white where I can


Vintage Vertical Stripe


I started this as a blanket for using in our beloved Kombi Camper, it was also started as a gift for the boy, it is 265cm long, I aim to make it at least double bed width if not queen, otherwise known as long enough that he can pull it over his head and still keep his toes warm and wide enough to roll up in multiple times or share with miss and I, this is another long term project, as each row takes around an hour and unlike granny squares I need to watch what I’m doing


Spotlight Block of the Week


I started this as a way to use my RICO cotton “Lucy Pack” I kind of wish I’d gone with the good old fashioned granny blanket instead, this has been a challenge, and the cotton yarn is so soft and nice I have a full Lucy pack tucked away which may find itself as granny squares one day if I can find that yarn again, perhaps some black to join with


Chunky Basket weave Scarf


So I loved the Basket weave block in the Spotlight BOW so much I decided to make a scarf, This Awesome Helpful lady Sent some lovely Chunky Yarn my way, and my SIL added to the collection, I still haven’t completely settled on a layout for colours but I love this pattern, It’s going to be so warm when its done





Board Shorts


I have this bad habit of making clothes for one day, this is a fine example, size 14 me made size 12 shorts for wearing to the beach and whatever else one does in quick dry shorts….. needless to say I can’t get them past my hips and therefore cant measure the required amount of elastic and so they remain unfinished


Sis boom Meghan Peasant Dress


again my measurements don’t quite fit the dress, my boobs are too big, again it remains in its unfinished state in hope that one day it will fit and i will cut the elastic for it and join the skirt to the bodice


Colette Patterns Violet


I love Colette Patterns, I bought this one and Ginger a while ago from Crafty Mamas and the fabric too, there don’t seem to be any Australian stockists at the moment that have in stock patterns, so when I saw the direct shop selling the new dress pattern 15% off I figured I’d make an order, I can’t wait to get started on this, unlike previous attempts i now have a mannequin to make my clothes on hopefully this will help



Three Bears Cushion


I inherited this WIP from my mum she started making it for me when I was small, pretty much all of the embroidery is done but when I first started playing with it I failed to read the instructions, there is no seam allowance, you just sew close to the line….. I need to redo one of baby bears ears and then I’ll be happy to continue putting  it together, I’ve made this my top Priority because there is so little that needs doing on it and I have everything I need on hand therefore it won’t cost anything to complete…… except maybe a couple of cushion inserts



Now Guess what Just turned up in my Mailbox………Stay tuned for the first instalment of the Fat Quarter Shop Block Of the Month 2013


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