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10 week Challenge -week 3

so, weight hasn’t changed that much but waist and hips changed a little
apparently me with an aim of fitting properly into a size 16 and getting back to running and a man with an aim of 40kg to lose are the trainers “little stars”, here I was feeling slack, certain there would be girls more dedicated than I am scolding myself for taking my training sessions on my own too easy, waiting too long to add weigh to exercises, slacking off if I haven’t had time to complete full reps or I’m feeling a bit tired, not really pushing myself in the cardio stakes

that said, I now Dumbbell Bench press 8kg Bicep curl 6kg, shoulder press 5kg Lat pull down 27 kg Leg press over 40kg Cable row 32kg, and step up on a bench with 6kg all have had jumps in this week because I felt I was taking it too easy, I’d like to bring my 600 m row down to around 2.5minutes

this weeks trainer session included a Beat the trainer Challenge a race on the AMT to 100 calories, half way through my taking up the challenge I was told Mr40kg did it in 7mins 51 secs……. I picked up pace around then and well…. 7 minutes 54 seconds

if I can find time somewhere I’d love to try it on my own beating 7:50 eventually

so  after this week

  • Scales still read between 94 and 95
  • waist down another 2cm arms up again
  • comfy pants need a belt
  • uncomfy pants,becoming less uncomfy
  • size 16 just jeans…should think about finding them



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