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10 Week Challenge – Motivation

I was reading this post about journaling for motivation Recently with so many of my friends into journaling it caught my eye the big stand outs were taking pictures and recording weight lifted,

taking pictures is something I’ve considered especially while stretching in front of the mirrored wall of the gyms classroom/stretching/floor stuff room a good opportunity to track my own changes, the gym does a before photo and I’m assuming an after photo but I’m not sure about the during photos I’m not about to start but it does seem like a good idea

now weight lifted got me excited, especially since as of today I’m only 1 plate on the lat pulldown away from where I was before I injured my shoulder, that is today I did almost all of my sets at 27.5kg, had to drop back 5kg/1 plate for the last set and doing super sets with chin up pull downs probably wasn’t going to make it easy either, next plate 32kg,  to say I’m simply pleased with this after only 3 weeks of being back in training is an understatement, assuming my shoulder doesn’t totally freak out tonight it brings me back to having confidence with weight, today I added a bit on all exercises and I really see no reason to stop trying

I have been considering using my diary to journal i think I might take that consideration one step further and actually do it

now a question for all of those fitness people out there, I’ve heard gloves can prevent building of grip strength. which is something I could do with but well, gripping bars leads to callouses forming which isn’t so much a problem since I work with my hands as the ouch factor because I work with my hands

So Gloves or no gloves?


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