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10 Week Challenge week 2 update

there wasn’t much to update last week as since my measurements were taken before I started that would give 11 measurements not 10

anyway, I struggle with my lazy every day, pushing myself isn’t something I’m good at, though for this challenge I really need to start to

I have gotten over my fear of Barbell Squats, currently at 30Kg after having the trainer show me how, I got a little confidence and happily replaced rolling a fitball up and down a wall

today is a Lower body strength day, I feel this is progressing really nicely, increased weights each time and in some cases each attempt

The sessions with the trainer are quite good, I suspect many of the other girls taking up the challenge are a little whingey so he’s been not too keen to put me off the workout

I’ve raised the bar on the rower for the girls with 300m in 1:10 when asked to go for under 1:30  and a 700m in 3:06 when asked to go under 4:30

the second round of the 300m almost saw my lunch but the words you’ve reset the expectations for the other girls  are of course very encouraging,

My upper body day still sees me nervous about that shoulder, though since starting these work outs I’ve had less pain in it possibly because everything else is hurting as well, or because working it is good for it

so results for this week’

  • Scales read between 94 and 95
  • waist down 2cm only arms up1
  • comfy pants comfy if they stay out of the dryer
  • uncomfy pants, be careful if you bend over
  • size 16 just jeans….. forgetaboutit

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