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2012 BOM and Speaking of Quilts


So I recently managed to finish of block 9 of my 2012 Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Block of the month


FQS 2012 BOM Block 9

and joined it to blocks 7 and 8, the day after block 12 arrived in the mail (eep!)

Blocks 7 8 & 9 joined

progress is slow, but I found early on in this project only having one block to complete didn’t help much in the motivation stakes, Reality I probably should have started getting everything for the finishing kit set up during those lulls of wanting to do some work on the quilt but not having a block to do….. ah well

I’m thinking with my current progress, and having just received the invoice for the 2013 Mystery BOM I won’t be starting any new quilts for a while, will have to do a progress post on all of the UFOs

anyway, the Fat quarter shop  is very Generous with their pieces of fabric often giving more than double the requirement for the block, meaning I have quite a bit of Vintage Modern left over, While Scanning Flickr I spotted this Version which I love, the blocks look fantastic together on point and there’s this completed one over at Quilted Squid which is leaving me considering professional quilting, though I’d rather do it myself Also considering taking a machine quilting course to build  a little confidence

Here are the other rows completed

FQS BOM 2012 Blocks 4-6FQS BOM 2012 Blocks 1-3


2 thoughts on “2012 BOM and Speaking of Quilts

  1. BEE! Baby, what are you doing to me? I ADORE the on-point BOM. Why can I see a second VM quilt coming up out the scraps? Or maybe just set my current one on-point? If I ever make the rotten thing, that is! I also love the quilting on the other, and am very tempted with the double batting, looks sooooo snuggly!

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