Fitness · Weightloss

10 week challenge

it’s been a while since I’ve used those categories but here we are again, back at Fitness and Weight loss

so the challenge went out on Facebook via my Gyms page, 10 week body transformation challenge, which if you look at the timing brings us to just before spring 😉 clever marketing there

options to go your own way with discounts on supplements etc or for a higher entry fee get a trainer to write you a program and nutrition guide both have the chance to win $1000 which would be a very nice bit of icing to getting my last winters jeans on

perfect opportunity to get back my fitness I thought, the nutrition guide is a standard low fat reduced carb diet, which I think in the coming weeks will lead me back to at least primal eating (paleo plus dairy) since remove the grain options and ad full fat versions and you’re pretty much there

the training program is a lot more full on than I expected, 5day a week, 4 with a written program 1 working with the trainer who says he is going to make me work hard, eep!

yesterday was day one, first alteration will be breakfast …. 1/3 of a cup of rolled oats and 200ml of milk just doesn’t cut it

day 1is strength training….. specifically leg stuff …… so why do my arms and shoulders ache? perhaps the cross trainer? who knows

today still involves step ups which is going to be painful but is mostly cardio based, I swear if this doesn’t make me stronger it’ll kill me

start weight someplace between 95 and 97 depending on which scales you use

comfy work pants- firm
uncomfy work pants – don’t bend over
size 16 just jeans – forgetaboutit


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