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Hopping Kangroos

So as I showed in my previous post, Miss came home with a note in her diary asking for a hooded jumper to be converted to a Kangaroo costume

Now my insticts said it would be easier to just make a kangaroo costume from scratch but then I remembered that Wakakiri is all about making a positive impact, and part of that is in recycling for costumes and props, so Hoodie to Kangaroo costume it is

first we had an appropriately coloured hoody which Miss has almost grown out of


we by some fluke found some minky that almost exactly matches and a lighter colour

Minimum cut for the darker one = 20cm, and 30cm of the lighter total $7


Then another fluke on the same trip we were wandering through Bunnings the boy found a big stack of door snakes $2 each


and so we were ready a total of $9 for supplies, the rest I have floating around

first step was to design some ears, I did a yahoo images search for kangaroo ears and came up with images like this

roo ears

notice the wigglyness? I made a rough drawing since kangaroo ears are wiggly I figured freehand was the way to go, I cut the shape out and used it as a template onto some stiff interfacing I had, I only traced twice, onto enough interfacing to provide 2 ear shapes each, then folded and cut two out at the same time, to get 4 opposite ear shapes


this is where I like iron on interfacing, I ironed one of each half onto the wrong side of the Minky 2 on the dark, 2 on the light, one of each direction on each


then cut the dark one with a 1cm/ 1/2 in allowance, and the light one on the edge of the interfacing


this is where it gets tricky, I tried and tried to pin the crap out of them but no way it was going to work (sorry miss dove I know you love your pins) basically, I had to ease the bigger pieces onto the smaller pieces as I sewed , my idea being that the seam between the two colours would be slightly inside the ear rather than on the edge


Lucky for that nicely marked seam allowance I could sew from base to tip on both sides which helped make them fit properly

And voila, one kangarooni ear


I didn’t get any pics of attachment to the hoodie but basically the easiest way was to fold the base under sew the front on, spin it, sew the back on then hand finish the “corners”


Next up, the tail, this was basically a minky sock to cover the door snake with a good base to secure the whole thing to the jacket

first up I cut a rough length and trimmed the width to the measurement of the door snake’s roundth plus a 1cm seam allowance (6’), Leaving a 10” section 9” wide for the attachment pad, I tapered the square from full with at the top to the tail roundth size


then laid the door snake roughly where I wanted it to sit (some has to be in the attachment pad for support) then trimmed the length to 1cm longer


I sewed the sock wrong side out folded in half, up the short end then along the side to the big end, turned the whole thing right side out and stuffed the door snake in, I purposely made it a tight fit


The next step was to attach it, but I would do that last if I did it again, its simply a matter of folding the top of the tail over and sewing the three sides into position, you could hand sew the under tail to the jacket but it seemed like a pointless exercise


next was the front, I didn’t really get any pics of that either, basically I made a template by laying a rectangle of paper over the front and trimming down to the rough shape I wanted, now being a jacket I made 2 front pieces then turned and topstitched them to be an overlay, if it were a jumper I would have just folded the edges over and stitched it down, one mistake I did make is attaching velcro as an afterthought had i attached it to one piece before sewing them together the result would have been better I hand sewed the velcro to the overlay then machine sewed it to the jacket, one half of the overlay was sewn to one side if the zip with the other half being velcroed down

the Pouch (because all roos have pouches right?) was simply another rough template on another pale piece of minky the top edge hemmed the rest turned under and stitched down


I’m quite happy with the result


I think she is too


now to convince her Kangaroos don’t wave their tails around


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