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we’ve been here over a year and still there were boxes of stuff floating around and stuff that was dumped out of boxes and never touched again

so this weekends plan was to start organising the loft/bedroom/craft space
mostly the craft space because the floordrobe is simply too hard to consider

first thing first, drag everything downstairs and start sorting, rubbish from good, want from need, stashed because its cheep/leftover from stashed because I has plans for it.

and so we have this load of stuff


which over twoish days was slowly sorted through. projects placed in their own labelled boxes/bags floor vacuumed, table cleaned and all arranged back in its place


I’m pretty happy with it though now I need to think about that floordrobe, at least I now have a clear space of floor upstairs to work on that now


2 thoughts on “Organising

  1. Looks like a productive few days leaving you with a great creative space! I hope that the cleanliness makes you want to mess it all up again! πŸ˜€

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