By beebeejaybee

Finally the school starts again


Two and a half weeks she’s been home, what do you do with a child for 2 and a half weeks when you have no holiday plans?

Well basically, we let her do as she pleased, which unfortunately despite much argument saw her spending many, many hours in front of the TV playing Mario Kart or Wii Party, Don’t judge us we need peace and quiet

we had a visit and sleepover from Poppy, our fantastic neighbour took her shopping for the day when the boy started is new job (the joys of immediate start)

on my days off we went to the movies. “The Croods” in 3D

this week there were 2 staff development days, the usual start of term one they always have and one for intro to national curriculum unfortunately for me this week is night shift Monday, was spent on a play date, Tuesday, I crawled into bed around 9am, was woken at 1059 with “have you had enough sleep yet mum?” then every half hour over that with a small body laying next to me waffling about stuff that is important to her, guess she’s lonely, she spent Wednesday morning asking if it was time to go to school yet massive relief all round


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