By beebeejaybee

Just shoot me

or bad mummy moment 825

sitting on the lounge, watching sunrise not really paying attention, when miss come out and asks “what are the woools of our house?”
my first thought walls there there and there
“No the Woooooooools”
“like at the swimming pool”
insert blank look, the what
“the WOOOLS”
is there and L in it?
“I don’t know”
put it in a sentence
“I don’t know how to spell it”
*mental faceplam while making more coffee*
no how would you use the word with other words, you know like if I was saying something about a basket I’d say I took the basket to the shops

“no that’s not it”insert sympathetic look
“um, what are the wooooools of our house?”
“um you spell it rrrr ooooo lll ssss”
*bang head against kitchen bench*
“yeah that what I’ve been saying wooools!”



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