By beebeejaybee


For as long as I can remember I’ve loved reading. I spent much of my Teens immersing myself in series after series of Novels, sometimes reading 3 or 4 books at the same time, usually they were Fantasy or Science fiction/Fantasy,

my favorite Author was Anne McCaffery Allowing Her dragons to take me to that special place Known as Pern, Seeking adventure I’ve read 19 of her books, mostly borrowed from the school library, at one stage I had a good collection of them, reading some for the 3rd or fourth time. but space and money issues saw me sell them, keeping only a couple


then there was the Tomorrow when the War began series, hanging out for each book to be released, more action and adventure (I refuse to go see the movie as I’m sure I’ll find things to pick at) then Devouring them as soon Is I got my hands on them


Lately my “thing” has been Paranormal Romance.

now I’ve never really read normal romance so I can’t really compare it, but……

Long before twilight, (which is a nice series on its own), I discovered Christine Feehan’s Carpathian novels ok so technically not vampire but vampire are involved, but the biggest thing that grabs me I think is the Fantasy/Action factor, I never really thought of Romance involving Action before ( by action I mean, adventure, hunts, battles, fights for life etc)

Anyway as with the dragon books, space or lack there of means I can’t keep the books for too long or collect them as I’d like to……… then I discovered iBooks…… :-O ….. Mind blown! I can keep my entire book collection in my pocket!

so with two Carpathian novels yet to be read, I went shopping, the biggest reason I hadn’t bothered buying that way before was that iBooks was only new and very few authors were actually publishing in that  format last time I looked

in my looking at the next Dark book I wanted to buy, I noticed the “related titles” section, there were a number of free books available, figuring why not, I downloaded a few, A short story about a witch helping a werewolf find his mate, the first in a series of were wolf romances, something that sounds rather magical and in-depth (from reading the first few pages), and an alien romance

I believe I’ve found myself a new author in Nicky Charles, Love me a good series, now I have 4 books to catch up on before hanging out for the next books in two series, and perhaps looking for the dragon books and the rest of those


5 thoughts on “Books!

  1. Oh god, avoid the Tomorrow movie. Like you, I adored the books. And when it was on telly a couple of weeks back, I may or may not have forced the boss to sit and watch it with me. And I may or may not have yelled at the tv. And then pulled the book off the shelf and read along with the movie so I could be more accurate in my yelling. At which point he rolled his eyes at me and went to bed.

      1. Indeed. Don’t get me started on the travesty that was Time Travellers Wife. Admittedly, it *did* have Eric Bana, so it wasn’t a complete waste of two hours.

  2. I liked the Tomorrow movie… Havent read the book yet though!

    Bee – if you are looking for something to fill the space between, try PC Cast Divine series

    2 different worlds, centaurs (oh my… Is it wrong to uh… Lust after a half horse, half man??? ) magic. Light reading but a good in between series book!

    if you like vampire books – I have a tonne of series that are mostly light reading but still good 😉

  3. forgot to say, if you are reading on iThingy – download Kobo and Kindle apps. Sometimes the books are a heap cheaper if you buy through them, you just read them on the app 😉

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