The Mud Run 2012

A message from Mable, “would the boy like my ticket to the Mud Run, it’ll cost $20 transfer fee”

a week or so of chatting and the ticket was bought,

Fast forward a few weeks and there we are at the equestrian centre ready to run

While it was a good intro to obstacle racing Personally I doubt I’ll do this one again, after promising more mud the event still failed to live up to its name, we had fun but seriously, if its called Mud Run it should behave like a mud run and involve actually running in mud

the company that runs it does a number of very well organised events and this is no exception, we were registered within about 10 minutes and ready to race, the start waves are nicely spaced so there isn’t much waiting at obstacles it just lacks mud

anyway, I’m still struggling with my fitness, it’s highly embarrassing that he does not training and is twice as fit as I am but very encouraging, and helpful

I think my favourite obstacles are the last two, one is the big pillows, I’m sure these ones were filled with water where usually they are filled with air


and the other is the house with no walls, this year with added ropes


see he’s very useful to have around Smile with tongue out

that’s the last event for this year next year starts with one in January and another 2 weeks later in February can’t wait as the January one is another RAW booked with the boy and possibly mum


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