By beebeejaybee

Quilt Camp

Those Crazy Ladies that Keep me entertained and inspired to craft were at it again, so Quilt camp was planned last year for this year but I can still blame them right, this year there were 8 of us of to sunny Queensland, anyone in Australia as surely seen the Ads, Beautiful one day Perfect the next etc etc etc

So on the Thursday morning bright and early I piled myself and my crafting supplies in the little green machine and headed for a Road trip, with my 2 allies (my softies, bear and dog the boy suggested i take with me in case I got lonely) we had snack and supplies, RN for the first 5 hours then on to whatever was on the iPhone, yes including that song.

I was off to the dove nest, to visit the Little White dove and her Family for a sleep over So much excitement, I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited before about anything, and yes her smalls are just a cute in real life, showing off for visitors and all.

come Friday we were of on a littler road trip in a few hours we’d be there, and set up ready to sew


while there probably wasn’t as much crafting as their could have been we had a lot of fun, and plenty of chatter,Good times, Duck faces


progress wise I got a lot more done than I normally would


Swoon Grew by 3 blocks


I started some Christmas Crafting (Birdy pincushion thanks to Allycat)

can’t wait till next time I get to see these awesome ladies there will surely be online shenanigans in the meantime


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