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Luna Park

We were child free for the weekend, What were we to do?

The Boy suggested we go out to Luna Park on an evening special deal

So we Bought our tickets online then jumped in the car to head to the station, a quick train ride to the City and we were there, a little early as the special tickets start at 6pm, but that allowed plenty of time to grab a bite to eat and check out the shop


Once we exchanged our ticket for snazzy wrist bands, the fun began No pics because my phone went into the locker we hired but

Cony Island

first up, moving spinning rocking floor panels, things that blow up your shirt…. and that’s, just getting into the building

The Turkey Trot

a ton of fun the floor not only lifts up but moves away from you or so it seems, plenty of giggles to be had

The big slides

the first two I was ok with, the one they call the devils Drop ….. well I chickened out …. dropping from heights is not my thing

The Joy wheel

after Lining up and watching the little kids have their turn, we sat back to back with a few others doing  our best to hold on with only our bums…. So much fun

Barrels of fun

barrels rotating in opposite directions totally ruins the  balance

The Mirror Maze

we also skipped as they had a Halloween promotion called “alone” in which the mirror maze is completely dark and people inside do their best to scare the wits out of you while you are in there by yourself, I’d do it with the boy to hold my hand but wasn’t keen to do it on my own

The Wild Mouse

A crazy little roller coaster the cars only just big enough for 2 first you are carried up up up up, then through a series of tight tight turns that give you the feeling that your car is about to fall of the top of the ride before taking you through a series  of drops back to the start……. don’t forget to smile for the biggest one or you’ll get a pic something like this Surprised smileat the end

the Spider

almost your typical carnival ride goes round and round while your carriage goes round and round…. weeeee

The Moon Ranger

Aka the Pirate ship, back and forth back and forth, higher and higher and higher, until….. you are hanging upside down surrounded by a giggly group of teenage girls and their dad, screaming your lungs out together ….. at the end of the ride they say “hey dad can we go again? Please Please Please Please Please”  the look on dads face said it all…. as long as I don’t have to

The Flying Saucer

First it spins and spins until you feel like you are stuck to the back of the cage, then it lifts off, and starts to stand up on it’s side and you see sky harbour bridge, sky harbour bridge… etc, I think it was the only ride that had me not feeling so great

Tango Train

Kind of Disappointing that the camera wasn’t working for this one, because you get up close and personal without even trying forwards really fast then in reverse really fast so much fun

The Ferris Wheel

Who doesn’t like a good size Ferris Wheel this one has an awesome view of the city, I almost wish I’d got my camera/phone out, the view was AMAZING

The Rotor

ever go On one of those things that sticks you to the wall? That’s The Rotor … The room starts spinning you stick to the wall, I lifted my feet just because I could, and then I hear the boy “Ah! the floors gone!” and look down to see.. yep the floor had dropped  about a metre below us, I could turn sideways, almost, but wasn’t game to go full sideways as I wasn’t quite sticky enough

Dodgem City

how Much fun are Dodgem Cars, we went in one together all snuggled up and ready to roll bump, spin, thud, turn

The Carousel

how soothing is riding a carousel horse, there were giant Chickens that reminded me of the Bloggess, Chicken story


as well as Car and Rach and their Chiicken shenanigans

it even had a big power  point with a plug near it but no cord


after all the rides we bought Fairy Floss


and took ourselves for a walk under the bridge


we later walked across the bridge to Darling Harbour Via the Historic Rocks, it was kind of fun to wander the almost empty streets and see the tiny English style pubs along the way

We found ourselves at City extra a 24hr restaurant that serves everything on their menu at any time of day, their menus are written like a news paper – so Cool

We had Pancakes and ice cream with coffee


then caught the train back to the car and drove home I think Awesome is and understatement of the night but I don’t have any other words to use to describe it, I can’t believe we haven’t made time for such simple fun over the past 11 years and I can’t wait till the Princess is tall enough to wear at least a green wrist band and come with us on most of the rides


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