By beebeejaybee


near where I now work, is a fairly notorious suburb of Sydney. I often catch the train home from there lately at around 10 pm.

Having grown up regularly seeing stories like this or this

well to say I was uncertain about making the trip would be true, despite regular news reports of similar and worse behaviour in news reports from the suburb I lived in just on 12 months ago

never mind the behaviour I’m witnessing while I write this on the train home, which reminds me of times in my own life……. best thing ever, surveillance systems on trains

I’ve been walking from work to Redfern station for a few weeks now, on warm evenings just like any other suburb I see couples out for a walk, a large man walking his dogs, cyclists, people much like myself heading to or from work

While I know the reputation of the place I enjoy the walk to the station, Tonight I rang mum who was looking for some advice on her quilting adventures (hehehe my mum has taken up quilting, YaY!)

Don’t tell dad you’re walking through there in the dark at night, she worries, i couldn’t be bothered explaining that the path is well lit and there are CCTV cameras just about everywhere, and the part I walk through is a major business area with lots of security

unfortunately I’ll only be on afternoon shift for the remainder of this week but I’ll enjoy the next few evenings of my quiet walk, before i find myself back in the hustle and bustle of dayshift


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