The Beach

It was a Hot Saturday, we’d discussed going to the beach on Friday evening, but with a 6am start meaning a 3am alarm, I was tired by the time we decided what to do for dinner and fell asleep on the lounge instead


Saturday was hot, after laying around complaining about the heat for a while we decided to pack a picnic and head to the Beach park for a late lunch

Finding a  shady spot under a tree, we settled ourselves and pulled supplies from the esky, a little box of prawns, a packet  of ham, some tomatoes and lettuce and a few little tubs of sauce

The Boy doesn’t much like seafood, I bought the Prawns to share with the princess, though it appears she wasn’t so fussed on them either, Yay, more for me luckily I only picked up a small amount

after whinging about the fishermen taking up the beach with their hooks and chairs and fishing line then watching two groups of teens hit the water despite the fishermen, we figured the more the merrier and the fishermen would soon get the hint…. it’s too hot for sitting in the sun beside the water with a stick in your hand. so we headed down the slope into the river


the Princess didn’t want to go in the water at first because it was cold so spent some time jumping the waves created by the passing Ski boats


The boy and I enjoyed floating around in the cool Brown river enjoying the scenery


watching the ferries operate back and forth


Giving the princes some encouragement to remember her swimming

When we got cold we wandered up the bank and enjoyed some OMG! Cheesecakes the number of people increased and there was an annoying lady talking the ear of the fisherman about how good her kids are (who at the time were throwing mud around) so after agreeing to one more swim and getting hit in the back with a clump of mud I felt it was time to head for home,

it was an awesome few hours that really showed why we moved here and why I travel 2 hours to work


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