By beebeejaybee


perhaps this time last year I joined a group called supporting and linking tradeswomen. The idea it to create awareness and support for female tradespeople and help find gateways into trades for girls who are interested


Over the last few months with hours of volunteer work and some government funding the girls have finally got their Skill women trailer and ute together


Last weekend, I went to the first skill women day, it was rainy and cold and we probably turned up about 2 hours too early but it was a fantastic day, working with some lovely ladies most of whom had never even attended woodwork at school Surprised smile


Our project was a simple Caddy, we call it a cutlery caddy but it would make a neat little tool box…. possibly for crafting tools Winking smile


All of the ladies commented on how much fun they had and how proud they were to have done it themselves, I think we all had fun too having not been involved in the prototype building I was learning a little too as well as teaching myself to have patience and let others do it without taking over, one of the girls mentioned she had the same issue, I guess we’ll get better at it with time



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