By beebeejaybee

Block of the month

I’ve decided maintaining two blogs wasn’t working so I recombined my life and my craft ….

This year some lovely people talked me into this years Fat Quarter Shop Designer Block of the month

so far I have 4 months worth, plus the finishing and backing kits,


I completed the first block within days of it arriving



image (2)

….. the rest … welllll… I got busy and they arrived and floated around the house for a few months until i finally got around to cutting the bits


and another few days went by before i got a chance/motivation to sew


so here I am piecing away sew sew sew, slice the corners fold and press repeat

when I realised I was cutting triangles off that i was going to use to make pinwheels anyway, so wouldn’t it be easier to sew the triangles together before cutting


so I started drawing two lines, one from corner to corner and another parallel 1/4 in from the first, sew on the first line and 1/4in from the second leaving the second line as a cutting line


two neat little piles of half square triangles


and all of the bits required for the block resulting in 1 completed block


and 4 pinwheels


hopefully I can get a few more done in the next few weeks


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