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10 Days of healing

A discussion about the Long weekend was started at work, a few people were taking Friday off, then someone said oooh if I take Friday and Tuesday off I’ll have a 5 day weekend. this got me thinking, I’d been considering taking a week off for us sometime before my scheduled holidays and the Camp of Awesome this would be an Ideal time, school holidays with an almost school age child the perfect excuse, no training left to do even better so the form went in


with no real aim for the week other than time together that Friday was spent just being, the Saturday we got up bright and early and headed out geocaching the road we took was pretty remote I wasn’t too comfortable with letting the princess out too much but for the most part she was happy to just be in the car, one of the caches was on the edge of a fairly twisty steep dirt road, sorry princess no go for you. but the last one we let her do all by herself


on the Tuesday we took a drive to Berry for lunch and a wander around the little shops, interestingly a large number of shops are closed on Tuesdays but at one tucked away around the corner from the ice creamery we found this lovely little mozzie coil burner


the rest of the week has been a bit melded together, a big bunch of just being, holding hands talking, sharing, loving


we discovered the Trampoline, after our old hammock at the old house got chewed up we always discussed getting another. the trampoline has changed our minds, it’s the perfect place to just lay and soak up the last of the day. perhaps with a glass of something nice, having gone off alcohol for a while we’ve discovered a few nice alternatives, mostly sparkling grape juice that comes in a champagne bottle with a cork and all. I like that we can consume a whole bottle and the worst after effect is a bit of wind from the bubbles


a couple of days we spent the whole day in bed, just laying just being together listening to the princess go about her day tormenting the dogs and running her little scenarios with her toys


It’s been a wonderful 10 days, today I go back to work, supposedly new people are starting this I’m not sure about, the fear is that the new people will damage our mindset and refuse to tow the line and be part of the team, I guess like all things time will tell. but even then, it’s the little things at home that make it all so much easier.



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