By beebeejaybee

A Long Weekend


I took Friday off, simply to bum around, still slightly suffering caffeine withdrawals, apparently it’s not good to go from 20+ cups of coffee a day to none. I’ve had 3-4 people tell me so

The Boy suggested we should go Geocaching together one day during my 10 days off, yep I extended my long weekend just because I could

We mapped a route using the geocaching website, 17 caches to visit and a nice loop that brought us home

It was good to get out together, occasionally since all of the caches were along a road with a drop to one side we asked the princess to stay in the car.

the last one we pointed out and sent her to retrieve it


she was very pleased with herself


by then we were all getting hungry and headed to the nearest major town, wandering through town we stopped into a little home wares shop, I fell in love with these signs. if our budget weren’t  so tight I think they would have come home with me


as the princess got tired and everyone was irritable we headed for home without stopping at any more geocaches

tonight in the interest of maintaining our detox we are trialling alcohol removed wine, so far so good but we also bought a bottle or 2 of sparkling grape juice just in case it was no good


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