By beebeejaybee

Living in whoop whoop

ok so technically it’s not whoop whoop, we are after all within half an hour drive of a Woolworth’s an award winning bakery and a good butcher or three but well two things that absolutely drive me mad are the 2 hour Trip to work, and tank water

for some reason the tank up the hill always runs out while I’m having a shower Sad smile buying water and the saving measures we have to take to make it last don’t bother me nearly as much as that it’s refillable from the tank under the house,  it’s just annoying to have your shower become a trickle

the trip is virtually unavoidable, even where we used to live it would have taken me at least an hour to get to work each day and home each night, one bonus now is the hour on the train, that gives me time to finish off work stuff (have I mentioned how much I dislike six  sigma) or read a book or do some sort of hand craft

the great things living here is the princess’ school, already she does transition 3 days a week, there are currently only 6 or 7 kids in the school, we can trust the bus drivers to help her catch 2 busses, they do Horsemanship, which for us and our slightly horsey interested little miss is very useful, especially with it being funded by equestrian Australia, they enter competitions like wakakirri

we get to wake up on weekends to whip birds, um…. whipping and little finches flitting through the trees we have a pair of parrots that visit regularly, and what we like to call Fat Pigeons currently we have Lyre birds that like to just wander through

it’s not so bad as long as the water for my showers keeps flowwing Winking smile


One thought on “Living in whoop whoop

  1. You just don’t mess with a girls shower! When we lived out bush, we had a pair of wild parrots who came every spring. We were able to hand feed them. Was wonderful. Then we moved to the ‘burbs. Sigh.

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