By beebeejaybee

Time Management

on Thursday I was talking about a project journal, the word I meant to use was productivity

so I went looking for diaries/notebook options to help with this goal of creating a productivity Journal

Car has been teasing me with images of her new 2013 Diary

Teeny Tiny Diary


it’s a little bit cute, then the boy pointed out I may find at times that i may need to write more on the page so it not that practical

so I went searching

I found this

Moleskine 2013 Diary - Daily - Large (13x21cm) - Violet - Hard Cover


but I’m not keen on 1/2 hourly appointments or the address book but I like the size and colour and the idea of a pocket and strap

so more searching turned up this

It’s cute, I’ve fallen in love with the stuff in the kikki-k shop at our nearest big shopping centre. So much cute stationery that I don’t really need but do really want.

I also looked at office works, but none of those really appealed to me, so in the interest of my bank account staying as healthy as it currently is I’m thinking I might wait till either our next trip to the big shopping centre and then make a decision

now to avoid the current Copic marker/stamping craze whizzing through my inbox and the Zentangle craze that seems to have started on my instagram…… have you seen how big my to-do list is? I don’t have time for more hobbies Winking smile


5 thoughts on “Time Management

  1. Car the enabler here… Yay on the productivity journal… YES to the copics…. And Zentangle does NOT require new pens (but of course new pens are ALWAYS a good idea)

    And beware there is now talk of a Farmers Wife along *insert evil laugh*

    1. Shhhh Car,
      I realise I may have quite good pen/s for zentangle. Farmers wife doesn’t at all interest me but copics do, though my bank account may not agree, remember there is a certain trip to your state that I’m saving for
      Yes you must be all sorts of awesome since I’m bringing you up so often this week……..but you are such an enabler 😛

      1. but farmers wife in Kona solids and white… oooh la la! Buy the copics one at a time… bank account can’t complain about that.
        My state rocks… just saying.
        And there are all sorts of awesome… but the awesome-ness of three particular Sat night boogie-ers is beyond awesome. It’s like awesome upon awesome over awesome.

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