By beebeejaybee


almost 8 weeks since we started, 13 tradespeople all fresh and excited entered the classroom on the first day.

Since then we’ve slowly become Jaded, day in day out talking about trains while we hope to get to play with one and excuses are made as to why we can’t , 4 blue walls of posters and whiteboards. Some as an example of what we will see in the future in the way of statistics management others of how things are progressing in the management side.a new edition is the Continuous improvement board, filled with our projects for the sake of doing projects all in aid of us reaching some level or other of Six Sigma Qualification

the boredom is getting to us

this two days we are doing Time management for team leaders, i have no interest in being a team leader, and many of the methods I already use in my life or should be, but at least i guess it is somewhat relevant to our work and has given me a boost to start using some things that I’ve let slip, a project journal may perhaps make an appearance and perhaps a heap more scribbles of the calendar.

I may need to speak to or Stalk Car for some Ideas on the project journal….. watch this space….

though I know for it to really work I’ll need to work on my own design as to what works for me, perhaps I can steal some Ideas from the boss and his management centre

Hopefully within the next 2 weeks we’ll get a “play train” that we can break, then fix, and swap with another, really looking forward to that


2 thoughts on “Training

    1. more like your daily planner, the one with the boxes for ticking or colouring when the task is done, Project because I want it to keep track of my projects

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