Brain Dumps

The Facebook

My Name is Belinda

and I am a Facebook addict,

it’s been almost a week since I last fully logged into Facebook and it’s killing me to not be doing it

20 times a day I touch that little Icon on the screen and the app opens, sometimes teasingly with a white screen and a blue band at the top, it excites me, then changes to a blue screen with a place to log in,
and I remember.

I hit the home button with a little emptiness in my heart.

I know my friends are there.

I’m not ready to face it just yet.

As he says it’ll take time.

My now memories/feelings around Facebook are filled with fear and shock.

And so I stay away for now.

Facebook isn’t to blame, the same could have been done in any other format

One day, I’ll have confidence to log in again, but not today

(can anyone explain why when I have e-mails turned off, I’m suddenly getting e-mails about group posts?)


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