The Date nights

Yes nights

the boy requested that we can all plans for the weekend, he wasn’t in the mood any longer to go and look at old bikes or deal with groups of people. how could I refuse? I suggested we send the Princess to Grandma and Grandads for the weekend and, before we knew it she was staying with them Friday and Saturday night while we had some time together

the suggestion was that we’d have dinner with them, but then it turned out they were having visitors, he didn’t want to deal with people, so we decided to go out for dinner

I got home from work and found my prettiest dress, threw a few essentials into my going out bag slipped into a pair of heels and grabbed my favourite coat


Dinner was great, we haven’t been to the Hogs breath in 11 years, and at least once a year I’ve hear how expensive it was


I bought myself a mock tail, “three little pigs” I think in future I should explore the non-alcoholic options a little more, this one was just a mix of 3 juices (apple Orange and pineapple?) whizzed with Ice and drizzled with grenadine


the biggest thing that struck me was that he felt that he’d been released from jail

Honestly I haven’t seen him this happy in many years



Saturday night we had a few quiet drinks with the neighbours, it was nice to catch up, then we wandered across the road to cook some chicken parcels we’d bought from a localish butcher, Chicken breast stuffed with fetta and avocado then wrapped in bacon we made a candle light dinner of it


we opened a bottle of sparkling red, I consumed too much wine that night and paid for it in the morning.


I put on Neil Diamond Hot August night

He dragged me up to dance during the grass won’t pay no mind,  he’s hardly ever voluntarily started to dance before. I almost cried, I believe he did.

Sunday was spent sorting out my draws, and him distracting me, I need to be distracted apparently, we talked, we cried, we held each other

He talks about my making an honest man of him, I’m not sure about that especially at the moment .

He almost begged me to go sick today with it being a school day and all be together alone for another day, the temptation was there but i have tomorrow off, we wont be alone but we will be together.


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