Forgiveness and affection

All I’ve ever wanted has been there all along, at some stage it just got hidden under  a heap of other crap. After 11 years you start to take each other for granted, I know I’m hard work, i want to cuddle at strange times.

Last night he suggested i grab a bottle of wine on my way home, I wandered the Isles of Woolworths liquor wondering what to get, we used to enjoy sunstone Luscious Fruity Red  which is probably closer to a Rose, so I looked and looked for something similar and spotted a cleanskin White Shiraz, cleanskins are quite cheap yet generally very good. so I took it home

We ate together the three of us on the lounge, a paleo meal of ham wraps (free range ham slices wrapped around salad drizzled with a little balsamic), his hand occasionally on my leg, his warm big Hugs randomly appearing, I know it won’t always be like this but this is the man I grew to Love in the first place gentle affectionate, protective, Loving.

He tells me it’s one day at a time, I refused to go to counselling, I don’t like councillors,  I’m more likely to talk openly just the two of us than with someone else, he did his research, he is forgiving and trying to forget, a clean slate we say if one of us brings something from the past up, a clean slate it certainly is becoming Learning to love each other and show it again not just be together


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