By beebeejaybee

Camp K

once upon a time not too long ago, a small group met on Essential Baby(EB) some were returning to crafty stuff some like me were just starting out, some were just looking for like minded people to talk with
last year there was a Quilters retreat organised way up north (trust me on that one I drove all 14 hours) where 5 of us met for the first time, ok so I think some had met through other online organised get togethers but still
I may have blogged it before but well not much crafting got done a lot of talk happened
we decided we should organise a sydney catch up possibly half way through the year, it worked out to be this weekend

Kayscha has just almost finished a major renovation and invited us to stay which was awesome, I packed my big box and my sewing machine but most having come from interstate had brought their crochet do our quilt retreat became a little more of a crochet retreat….. hey the result will be the same, someone will eventually get a blanket

check out Car’s ripple

on Saturday we visited Calico and Ivy and Material Obsession and had lunch at The Cove cafe (I plan to drag the boy there one day it was very nice)
I ummmed and aaahhhed over prints charming panels and yarn and fabric and books….. then bought nothing

the evening was spent with cheesecake
and cider for me, wine and vodka for the others
and a lot of chatting and music

Sunday was spent lazily with coffee crochet and friends

such a lovely weekend but I think in future I will be more mindful of the fact that my fellow campers are traveling light and not pack the sewing machine or the big tub of crap crafty goodness

for more see
Car’s version of events
and Little White Dove’s Story


3 thoughts on “Camp K

  1. Cars ripple, Cars coffee; just need my food and my shoes 😉 was lovely to see you again Bee – I now want a Lucy pack!!!

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