An Organised Mess

My work at the moment, we’ve finally started, this week is the first week.

Monday was orientation, two inductions due to the site being used by 3 companies but mainly ours and the company we are taking over from discussion on how the place will be run once it becomes fully ours changes that are going to be made to the depot, changes that we are going to have a hand in….. Lots of important people talking

Brand new safety gear handed out, rules for the workshop are minimum, long sleeves, long pants, safety glasses, bump hats and gloves hanging from provided belt clips if not worn


Tuesday we received our first lot of workbooks all about the train and the similarities and differences between these sets and the ones we are used to
the course was a little interrupted as a lady from IR came to do a talk, the company that currently looks after the train couldn’t provide one for us to look at

Wednesday was more on the setup of the train and component location in a little more detail We suddenly got access to a set and it was pens down glasses and gloves on sign this form and away we went opening cupboards pushing buttons, poking and prodding anything that wouldn’t effect the train, though one of the young boys in the group sent the thing into a test function which took us a while to undo but as a small group we sorted it and a few of us decided that we want to be in his team when the time comes because he’ll break stuff and we’ll learn more by fixing little things like that

Today was the big start to the nitty gritty stuff, a whole day of circuit diagrams re-learning how to read them as they are unlike any we’ve seen before

I have a feeling we are going to be spending a lot of time with these, though it would be so much easier for everyone if we could just get access to a train, perhaps for a week straight so we can break it then fix it and learn, we are after all, all tradespeople and so all hands on learners

Tomorrow is a lot of official stuff, important people talking, discussions had about what we want to see done around the depot a barbecue that I don’t have to organise or cook 😉


2 thoughts on “An Organised Mess

  1. Are schemativs not standard? Gee whiz!! Though me “experience” (via dad) is in consumer electronics, where a certain level of standardisation is necessary, can you imagine if the schematics for every brand of tv were different? *gulp*

    Love how you want to “break” the trains…note to self, take the bus… 😉

    1. Lol yeah it’s Railcorp nothing is as easy as it should be, at least they have an index of nonstandard symbols

      and breaking with the Idea of learning how to fix it, it wouldn’t go anywhere until checked that it was fully repaired

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