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another training walk and big Descisions

So we went for a training walk on Sunday, two of us starting and a 3rd joining in later, I managed to keep up for most of the first bit, my balance isn’t great so I’m slow when it gets slippery but jogging on the flats to catch up, remembering we are walking at what is almost my running pace, somewhere between 6 and 6.5k/h on a treadmill probably slower in this terrain but still the same sort of cadence

we stopped here for a bite, I learnt quickly on these walks, protein bars are the go, light to carry, keep you feeling full etc etc, anyway, check out the view

we passed so scouts on the way up to cowan station where we met our third walker for the return trip, during which of course I managed to rool an ankle and fall again….. standing up feeling ok I continued on almost straight up the side of a cliff, *yay*  suggestions that I get different shoes thrown around (seriously I’d roll my ankles more in proper trail boots than I do in my pace gloves) by the last climb my right knee was burning with a touch of ITB irritation and my left knee was cramping at any chance it god, even more YaY, though I was still able to jog the flats I was getting further and further behind and well downhills became a problem, one of the girls regularly waited to check how I was going, until the point she spotted me limping, and suggested that perhaps my body isn’t up to this 😦 while I hate to admit it I was beginning to think this well before then, so I’m thinking I’ll have to pull out before we get much closer, I  believe with a less experienced team I would be able to do it but these girls have each done at least one similar event they are going for time I’m going for experience, I’m considering either donating my entry to the team or requesting it back and going to a physio, I feel a little bad having been slack on my fund-raising efforts so I think I may leave my entry with them with the condition it’s used as donation

In other news, I got the job :-D, insert nerves here.

Really I can’t wait to be in a place where I know nothing, an almost clean slate. Even better, all of the people from our depot who are going are awesome I’m almost hoping that the teams are based on which depot you came from rather than mixed up but it wouldn’t bother me that much either way as long as the people from the other depots are also awesome


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