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Tough Bloke…… erm, Chick

So… one step closer to tough mudder…. eep!

with not enough training…… hello injury after injury, I took the challenge, I barely made the 3 k run, dissapointment ;-(, after the first obstacle which was less than 50 metres from the start line

of course I twisted my ankle slightly mounting the bales, but happily it wasn’t so bad

I met a bloke on the start line who was also on his own, we completed the challenge together which was nice , he was an awesome help having completed the event before

there were walls and mud, I fell off a balance beam shimmied up concrete pipes, crawled through water …. had an absolute blast

and then met HELLS GATE

that ladies and gentlemen is what my dear little brother likes to call pain face …. both calves cramped up I could move maybe an inch stretch move again….. notice the coarseness(is that a word?) of the rope, yeah no way I was dragging my legs along that without protection, I believe the old skins calf socks that are starting to get a little loose will have some slight modification
silver duct tape from ankle to knee on the back for extra slide and durability becoming the perfect garment of protection … anyway, I lost my footing and my arms can’t hold my weight so dropped, I tried again but this time both calves cramped so bad they were un moveable so had to give in

I’ll be back and conquer this next time …. I believe the only training you can do for such an obstacle is to own a big rope strung between trees

as is the standard for these events, you receive a beer for handing in your timing chip, this one is 4 pines Kolsch which is fairly local, brewed in manly…. very nice (hey how can you not support a local company with a good product)

the venue for Tough Bloke being a scout campground has great facilities…. obviously the scouts don’t bathe in a bucket like the guides do (wimps 😉 ) so after a good hot shower to wash the mud off we headed home for lunch …. I really like these little events

My finish time …. 1:18:37


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