a walk on my own

I decided since I missed last weeks training walk, not being up to walking so fast while still feeling chesty that I should take myself for a bit of a light “training walk”

My calves screamed as I walked down the road, someone pulled over and asked if I wanted a lift, no thanks I’m right, slow down I’m thinking .. no they walk pretty fast I must learn to keep this pace

Up “Devines hill” Down “Finch’s line”

I don’t know who Devine is but Finch was the surveyor for Finch’s line

anyway… powered up the hill, wandered along the ridge, briefly considered the trip to 10 mile hollow, 11.5 kilometers.  Had I left earlier in the day I would have taken that option but at almost lunchtime, not such a good idea

wandering along I passed a few pairs out walking, then on a narrowish trail I came across this group of 6 well spread out taking up the whole path… sigh, they didn’t seem to be moving over , great, the lady in the lead starts to move across those behind follow two by two becomes one by one phew no confusion to be had… I hate those awkward moments

suddenly the lead lady turns and grabs me “BELINDA! what are you doing here?” ….. cue blank look …. gears turning and lights blinking, am I supposed to know this woman? …. “hey everyone this is my cousin Belinda” … click ahh I know who this is …. we stand and chat , they offer for me to join them,I decline, we go our separate ways

even with a few little stops along the way I did the walk in around 2 hours , suggested time 4.5, makes or a happy me

now here are a few pics along the way mouse over for captions

Remember I’m training for trailwalker


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