By beebeejaybee · work

Just another day

I did “Real” electrician stuff today



the result … isn’t it pretty?


is it sad that I spent a couple of hours working in a train toilet, yet went looking for a ladies when the need arose? ….. I thought it was a little … but I wouldn’t used one of those if I was about to explode…. never mind the fact that the window is taken out in this one, we’re doing mini refurbs all windows replaced and the doors and walls re-painted.

I must find a before and after example of our project sparkle, “we” are very proud of the results, those who work in the crystal tower in town are also very proud of the results, a certain TV channel asked to do a story on our project sparkle…. we were very excited, until the very important media gurus asked for a plot on the story and how it would interfere with our work, only to discover that the story was going to be about the amount of overtime worked by Railcorp employees…. umm hello, pretty shiny graffiti free reliable (our depot has a 1.9% failure rate, best in the organisation) trains don’t make themselves happen…… love that we will never be good enough for the media to do a warm and fuzzy story :-/

I got home just before dark, no one home, the boy and the princess out visiting Nan today. The quiet is nice and I know I will wish they’d go away the minute they walk in and make all that noise, but gee I’m Lonesome tonight


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