By beebeejaybee

Settlers Arms Inn

a day off, to reset the clock ready for dayshift on Friday

I get home the boy is off dropping the princess at pre-school time for a quiet Chai latte and some blog browsing

Thump thump thump, it’s the boy, he makes coffee sits down,
‘Fancy a bevy at the settlers arms?’
‘can we get a ploughmans lunch between us?’
‘yeah sure why not’

so gear up, I slip into the sidecar and off we go


a few Kilometres down the road he slows down and pulls in,the MacDonald Valley General cemetery


plenty of Jurds, Stradbrokes and Thompsons there, lots of history …. it amazes me to think in its hey day it would have been more cleared

further along the road we scare this little hoppy thing off the road, he wasn’t so much scared as put out about us coming along


I always love the architecture around here


The Settlers Arms Inn


the pub is full of memorabilia photos showing the pub when it was owned by the Jurds



Love the fireplace …. it’s stone!


They dont serve ploughmans lunch in winter, its too expensive, my lunch was Beef Pie, Mash peas and gravy …… Yum!…. the boy had chips, I let him dunk in my gravy, cause I’m caring and sharing like that


after a quick look at the mighty MacDonald River….. ha!mighty… we could have waded across

we headed home in time for a coffee then to pick up the princess….


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