By beebeejaybee


ring ring….. ring ring

uh…. mmm …. eh ….. hmm hmm pick up phone, Vaguely recognise some of the number


Hi it’s xxxxx here from OSCAR recruitment team,

oh um ok, yes

we were wondering if it would be ok to interview you at 8:30 on Friday?

ummm? Friday? Friday? what’s Friday? Gears turn motor whirr lights flash
umm yeah that should be Okay

great we’ll see you then, bye bye

um ok Bye


EEP, cue panic, followed by overwhelming feeling of nausea …… crap what am I going to wear?
I can’t wear what I wore to the assessment can I?

at least one if not two of the panel members have had their first impressions of me in orange with reflective stripe and a generous dusting of carbon

Do I go the full hog scrub up pretty, business like from the top of my head to the tip of my shoes?

Do I keep it relaxed, a nice blouse, a pair of slacks …. Dr Martins?

Do I say I’m a tradesman going for a tradesman’s Job and stuff it all turning up in my cleanest of work clothes, purple boots mismatched laces and all?

Do I take a mixed approach and turn up in a tidy T-shirt and Jeans

I’m thinking Blouse and lacks, or Blouse and Jeans rather than buying too much new….. I know I need a new blouse, The boy complains that the ones I’ve got are too tight across the chest :-0

Love to hear your thoughts


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